The territory of Turkey extends over 814,578 square kilometers. The European side and the Asian side are separated from each other by the Bosphorus (Istanbul Bogazi), the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Dardanelles (Canakkale Bogazi). Anatolia is a high plateau rising progressively towards the east, cut by deep valleys and a dozen rivers including the Tigris (Dicle) and Euphrates (Firat). There are also numerous lakes, some of which, such as Lake Van, are as large as the inland seas. To the north lies the chain of mountains of the Black Sea, parallel to the sea, which then gives way to fertile plains. Turkey has a large variety of climate: temperate in the north, continental inland areas along the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea and Mediterranean coasts. The coasts of Turkey, washed by four seas, stretching for 8,330 km



Turkey has been called the "cradle of civilization " and by traveling through this historic land the tourists will discover exactly the meaning of this sentence. The first city in the world, the Neolithic Catalhoyuk , dates back to 6500 BC and from then until the present day Turkey boasts a rich and fascinating culture that has deeply influenced modern civilization . The heritage of the many cultures makes Turkey a paradise of priceless historical and cultural wealth . Hattis , Hittites , Phrygians , Urartici , Lycians , Lydians, Ionians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks , and Ottomans have left important contributions to the history of Turkey and the ancient sites and ruins scattered throughout the country are evidence of distinct each civilization.

Turkey also has a fascinating recent history. Occurred while the decline of the Ottoman Empire , a young soldier named Mustafa Kemal , faced the Turkish political scene and internationally. Let the weapons , he led the liberation struggle of Turkey from foreign invaders . Said Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ( Father of the Turks ) founded the Republic of Turkey October 29, 1923 . He led his country to peace , stability , economic development and to the complete modernization of Turkey. After decades of changes and developments , Turkey is still proud of this success , adopting the motto of Mustafa Kemal : " Peace at home , peace in the world."


Turkey has 73 million inhabitants, of which 40% live in rural areas. The major cities are Istanbul , Ankara (the capital) , Izmir , Adana , Antalya , Bursa .


The Turkish population is 99 % Muslim . Turkey is a secular state, with absolute freedom of worship for those who are not Muslims.


The Turkish language belongs to the Ural- Altico group and is akin to the Finno-Ugric languages ​​. It uses the Latin alphabet and is currently spoken in the world by 200 million people .


The Turkish cuisine is considered one of the best varieties in the world. The synthesis of gourmet cuisine with Asian and Mediterranean regarded by gourmets among the most varied and sophisticated and does not fear comparison with the best European cuisines . Different types of meat flavorful and rich spices together with dishes of vegetables, offers a series of specialties unique to balance and originality.



The difference between Turkey and Italy is +1 hour ( throughout the year all over the country).


The official currency is the Turkish lira (LT) that can be purchased at banks and change offices. There are no limits on imports of Turkish or foreign currency



All major credit cards are accepted in various cities and resorts, hotels and restaurants . They are not always accepted in Anatolia within the country or in small pensions.


The spring, summer and fall are the best times . Are more suitable for the summer months in eastern Turkey due to frost and snow in winter.


The identity card valid for foreign travel and a valid passport or valid .


No special vaccinations are required .


To call Italy , is 0039 followed by the area code and the subscriber number to call. While , to call Turkey from ' Italy , dial 0090 + area code + telephone number of the subscriber.


Turkey offers plenty of shopping opportunities . The skin is a good buy : bags, suitcases , jackets and shoes. It is possible to command artifacts made to mesure. Many of the local crafts : ceramics, copper , handmade filigree silver , wooden objects . Valuable , are the carpets and kilims .

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