Northern Cyprus extends for more than three thousand square kilometers in the northern part of Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean area . A real jewel of the Mare Nostrum , located in close proximity to Syria, Turkey and Lebanon , Cyprus has been for millennia a crossroads of peoples, religions and cultures. The traces of its rich history come together today in an articulated set of testimonials phoenix, Assyrian , Roman, Byzantine , Venetian and Ottoman , which give the visitor a view of countless prehistoric settlements , fortifications, temples , villas, churches , castles and mosques. To frame all this, endless sandy beaches, hidden coves, citrus groves , stretches of green and crystal clear blue sea that has always conquer nature lovers . North Cyprus is made even more fascinating by its pristine lands , remained remote from the mass tourism . Here it is possible to explore secluded beaches , fishing ports , villages perched between the mountains and fortresses hidden , as if time had stopped in order to preserve intact the customs and history of this magical corner .


Magical and divine. Since you said that it was inhabited by the gods of Ancient Greece . It is precisely because of its location , its nature, its climate, in a word for her beauty , which many Olympians , including Zeus, Apollo , Dionysus , Poseidon, Artemis, Aphrodite and Athena , they elected this land as their residence . Aphrodite In particular it is still considered to be the godmother. Legend has it that the goddess of love was born from the foam of the sea that washes the shores of the island. In love with Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths , craftsmen and metal , Aphrodite went further into the island to marry him. However, this desire does not stop her from falling in love with Adonis, a beautiful youth who was killed while hunting in the woods of the island. It is said that by the shed blood of Adonis were born hundreds of anemones, and that where the pain he dropped the tears of Aphrodite bloomed flowers of rock. Is certainly not for us to judge whether it is truth or fiction, but it is true that this - anemones flowers and rock - is still the predominant flora on the island. To make it even more mysterious and fascinating this land is the legend starring the formidable archer Teucer , brother of Ajax greek hero and son of Telamon . According to mythology, ended the siege of Troy lasted ten years , Teucer repatriated to Greece along with thousands of fighters. Returning the island of Salamis, was driven by his father who accused him of failing to protect Ajax and not being able to avenge killing Ulysses. Then , with a few faithful friends Teucer went to Cyprus , where he settled and married the daughter of the king. Here he founded a city which he gave the name of Salamis in memory of the homeland , and that he stood out as the main city of the whole island until the seventh century BC

What Northern Cyprus now offers the visitor a rich set of traces of their own history, its myths and legends. Treasures such as the Abbey of St. Barnabas , the monastery of the ' Apostle Andrew and St. Hilarion castle , situated on the tops of mountains in Cyprus , the beautiful fortress of Bellapais , the imposing walls of Famagusta , the picturesque harbor of Kyrenia and Nicosia finally , the divided capital , you will undoubtedly fall in love with this pearl of the Mediterranean intact .


Girne is its Turkish name . It ' an ancient town which with its small Venetian harbor , surrounded by majestic walls and imposing , its mosques and Orthodox churches, has an extraordinary charm and magic . Girne coast and offers a varied and interesting bathing facilities , public and private beaches , comfortable hotels and wild dunes extremely fascinating . In addition, the coast of Girne , is full of restaurants where you can get to cook your freshly caught fish . Not for nothing this town, with the area that surrounds it, has been dubbed " the garden of Cyprus." The attractions of this center not only reside in the castle , of which we recommend the view from the surrounding waters , and in the marina , but in many villages , monasteries and monuments that surround it. How Bufavento , a few km. from Girne with its 954 m . above sea level , which is located on the highest of the Byzantine castles , the most difficult to achieve, the more destroyed but also the least explored . At about 6 kilometers from Girne , the beautiful abbey of Bella Pais, one of the examples of Gothic architecture in Cyprus. It was built between 1324 and 1358 on one of the most picturesque mountain Girne , which offers spectacular views of both the sea and inside. E ' can also dine in the vicinity of the abbey, where the play of light makes his view even more impressive .

With the name Turkish Magosa . Of all the fortifications which can be seen on the shores of the Mediterranean, those of Famagusta are among the most important. In fact the city has always been a military stone on the route by which ' brings Europe to the Middle East. It reached its peak under the reign of the Lusignan, when the different ethnic groups in the Middle East you took permanent home and with their culture and their financial possibilities gave new impetus to the city and its inhabitants. To visit the Tower of Othello with care , where they are often represented the works of Shakespeare , the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and the Venetian Palace. Inside the old city, there are beautiful shops where you can buy gold nice workmanship, pistachios and drinking the famous " raky " , Mediterranean anise-based drink and taste delicious desserts .


The name is Turkish Lefkosa . Situated on a hill to over 50 m . above sea level , the old capital is rich in medieval monuments , wonderful examples of Gothic architecture and its beautiful ottoman. The walls, built by the Venetians in 1567 , the first to welcome the visitor. Among all the riches to visit in Nicosia, one of the most prestigious is the Selimiye Mosque ( or Cathedral of Sn . Sofia) , built in the Lusignan period and one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture .


The population of the ' whole island of 900,000 inhabitants, of which 600,000 live in the Greek and 300,000 in the northern part of the ' island .


The official language is Turkish , is also commonly spoken English.


In Northern Cyprus , there is more than one hour to 'Italy .


The official currency is the Turkish lira (LT) that can be purchased at banks or exchange offices . There are no limits on imports of Turkish or foreign currency .


Major credit cards ( Visa, American Express , Diners Club ) are accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops.


It is the hottest island in the Mediterranean. In summer the days are very sunny , mild, with a pleasant ventilation. The climate of Cyprus has mild winters and hot, dry summers , the maximum temperature reaching 35 ° while the minimum winter to 6/7 º .


For people of Italian nationality is sufficient identity card , valid for foreign travel and a valid passport or valid . There is no visa.


No special vaccinations are required .


To call Italy , is 0039 followed by the area code and the number you want. While , to call Cyprus from ' Italy , dial 0090 + area code + the number of ' subscriber.


Popular are the Lefkara laces and fabrics woven to ' crochet. In addition , well-known is the skin and the many local crafts : ceramics, wool, thread and wooden objects .


Now all hotels in North Cyprus is served international cuisine type . Therefore, those who are fond of exotic tastes may apply to children, but many restaurants on the ' island . Despite the ' influence of Turkish cuisine , Greek and Lebanese , the Cypriot , appears to be fairly light , although tasty . They range from traditional dishes of lamb to the vast assortment of appetizers. The products offering the ground are typical of the Mediterranean. Fruits and vegetables are excellent . Are particularly luxuriant plants of basil and chili. Extremely tasty , the fish are cooked in all ways . Even the desserts are influenced by Turkish and Mediterranean pastries . Are well known and tasty citrus fruits, that with the beautiful grapes come together to provide a wonderful dessert . At the end of the meal we advise you to savor a great Turkish coffee.


Cyprus is an ' island surrounded by an open sea that offers rich fishing grounds . Go fishing , underwater photography or to simply dive underwater to enjoy the view , it is not just a matter of fashion .

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